Wild Flowers of America Edited by H.W. Rickett

$ 25.00

Wildflowers of America by H.W. Rickett is a 400-page hardcover published by Crown Publishers, Inc. The dust jacket shows shelf where surface rubbing and some clothes tears. Inside, the book is in very good condition.

Book Summary

Here are 400 wildflowers of North America, shown actual size in beautiful true-to-life full color, with detailed descriptions and with full information as to family, geographical range, the nature of the environment in which the flowers are found, etc. Common names and their variations, as well as standard botanical classification and nomenclature, are given for all flowers. Handy identification charts list the flowers by their distinctive features and facilitates identification of all the flowers represented and they're related species. A detailed glossary provides full explanation of botanical terms.This encyclopedic work is based on an authoritative publication of the Smithsonian Institution:   the Mary Vaux Walcott color plates in this book are reproduced by permission from the famous portfolio set “North American Wildflowers” by Mary Vaux Walcott. The Magnificent and completely accurate paintings, which are accorded top-ranking by artist as well as botanists throughout the country, have been supplemented by additional paintings by Dorothy Falcon Platt.

ISBN:  0 - 517 - 0 26821