The Last Summer of the Camperdowns by Elizabeth Kelly

$ 12.00

The Last Summer of the Camperdowns by Elizabeth Kelly is a 383-page hardcover published in 2013 by W.W. Norton & Company, and is a stated first edition.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Riddle James Camperdown expects the summer of 1972 to be sun-kissed and lazy.  Named for her father's hero (James Riddle Hoffa), Riddle intends to survive the summer sipping iced tea and reading Trixie Belden at her Cape Cod home, ducking her parents' high-voltage banter whenever possible.  Her father, Godfrey "Camp" Camperdown, is a World War II hero turned idealistic union politician running for office from the family compound in Wellfleet.  Her mother, Greer, is a match for her patriarch husband in every respect:  a former Hollywood actress armed with a razor-sharp wit, a French manicure, and a wicked one-liner for every occasion.

Already busy juggling her eccentric parents, Riddle inadvertently turns her life upside down when she stumbles on a horrific crime in a neighbor's barn.  Unsure of what she witnessed, she chooses to keep quiet.  As Camp's political campaign heats up and Greer's head is turned by an old flame, Riddle's secret grows more and more dangerous.

ISBN:  978-0-87-140-340-7