Salmon Falls Stoneware (New Hampshire, USA) Salt Glazed Hurricane Oil Lantern with Flower Designs

$ 40.00

A salt glazed hurricane oil lantern from Salmon Falls Stoneware featuring an overall scrolling "Blue Pennsylvania" design on a gray background and finished with a looped handle.  The lamp base measures 6 1/2" wide and the total height including the glass chimney is 15 1/2".  The lamp is signed "E" and the condition is very good.  Please note there is no lamp oil contained within the lamp base but the original lightly used wick is present.

Hurricane Lamp Instructions

Remove glass chimney and unscrew brass fitting.  Fill the lamp 1/2 full of clear lamp oil so that the bottom of the wick will be submerged.  Screw fitting on and turn wick down to the edge of the opening.

Light the wick and adjust it up or down so that the flame is not smoking.  Replace glass chimney.  To extinguish, blow the flame out.  To trim wick, turn up and cut at an angle for the best flame.