Blue and White Porcelain Beaded Necklace Decorated with Chinese Characters

$ 55.00

A blue and white hand-painted porcelain round and cylindrical bead necklace decorated with fish designs and Chinese characters and finished with thick blue knots in between each bead.  The necklace affixed with a silver barrel closure and measures 31" end-to-end, long enough to wear as a single strand or double up as a choker.  The maker is unknown and the condition is very good, with no flaws.

Necklace Sizing

To measure the best necklace size for you, take a tape measure and wrap around your neck to get its circumference.  Take that number and add 2" to 4" to determine the best minimum necklace length for you.  For a regular necklace, choose the second size up from your neck size as a minimum.  For example, if your neck measures 15" around, the minimum necklace size you should choose would be 17" to 19".  If you want a choker, stick with your exact neck measurement for the necklace size.  Standard necklaces sizes, common to most people, come in the following sizes:

  • 14" to 16" is a standard choker length
  • 16" to 19" falls just below the throat at the collarbone
  • 20" falls slightly below the collarbone and is a good choice for low necklines
  • 22" falls at or just above the neckline
  • 24" falls below the neckline
  • 36" can be worn as a long single opera length or doubled up
  • Children's necklaces are usually between 14" to 16"