George R. Wazenegger (Pennsylvania, USA) Handmade Mixed Medium Wood Collage of a Farmhouse

$ 95.00

A handmade wood collage by George Wazenegger of a white farmhouse with red barn and little birdhouse.  The collage incorporates recycled wood construction with acrylic paint and cork to form the bushes next to the white farmhouse.  The piece, made in 1995, measures 9 3/4" long, 7 3/4" tall and 1 1/2" deep.  The art is signed "Wazenegger" and the condition is very good.

About the Art Sold at The Ideal Hand Laundry

The paintings and limited edition prints sold at The Ideal Hand Laundry all have something in common--they are unique and original.  We have a special affinity for self-taught artists and "Outsider Art." We see great potential in art that, with the simple changing of a frame, can be rejuvenated and incorporated into modern settings.  If our acquired art has an old, scratched-up dark wood frame or no frame at all, but the art itself is in good condition, that's the way it's sold.  What happens next is up to you, the new owner.

Before your purchase, if you'd like to have any of the art photographed in different settings and lighting, even a video taken of it, please let us know.  We'd be happy to do that for you.